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Customer CSV Upload + export#20


The ability to upload an existing database of customers would be a huge timesaver instead of having to re-enter all the data.

2 years ago
Merged import clients list#86
8 months ago
Merged Ability to import client information with csv file#193
8 months ago
Changed the title from "Customer CSV Upload" to "Customer CSV Upload + export"
8 months ago
Merged Customers Report#208
8 months ago

Can you please make it individual CSV to upload or export rather than the whole summary in one page?

7 months ago

can you please have a backup option that suites ur app only .once backedup u can restore easily as it was on other devices or once logged in to bookipi account , a restore backup pop up appears.
an option to save database on google drive ore microsoft onedrive.

6 months ago

This would be a great almost necessary feature

2 months ago