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Send recurring invoices#3

Set a recurring invoice to frequently invoiced clients.

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
a year ago

that is great! mind if I ask how soon this could be available, if possible?

a year ago

Plz Fix language issues for Vietnamese.
I reported this problem several times.
The two female counselors who answer the question seem to be unable to grasp the contents of the question. When I read the answer, I think they do not know the essence of the question. I even sent pictures!

a year ago

Dear, Dev team. I’d like to thank you for creating such a great software. When can we expect the Recurring invoice feature? Could anybody from the team respond with the estimated release date?

a year ago

What is the status on this? It has been 5 months since you tagged it as “In Progress” and still nothing. The support team is unresponsive.

8 months ago

Rather than or in addition to recurring invoices, monthly payments. All of my monthly payments come off my cc automatically. It is akward that my clients need to pay a new invoice every month.

2 months ago