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Add option to send a reminder to clients with **Overdue Invoices**#31

Sometimes it can be awkward to remind certain clients that they haven’t yet paid you. An option to automatically (or with one click) send a reminder to clients with overdue invoices would be great to help with that.

a year ago

I agree 100%.

a year ago

I most definitely agree 1000%

a year ago

Most definitely! Maybe a 30 day, 60 day etc..past due reminder..anything like that would be awesome! Keep up the great work! All around top notch the best invoicing app out there, hands down!!

a year ago

Yes agreed it used to be done on the invoice bee and it was really handy I’d like this again

8 months ago

This would be so helpful! I’ve also asked for this

7 months ago

Also fix the random bug that prevents overdue invoices from being marked as overdue

6 months ago

Hi Marconsw, would you be able to send a photo of the error and the email address you used to log into your bookipi account to and we will look into this bug for you.

5 months ago