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The ability to take a deposit#33


Let the customer pay half the invoice at the beginning of the job and then finish payment at the end, so the ability to make part payments with each invoice

a year ago

Has this been resolved and added? I can’t use application if this is not available. I tried yesterday to figure out, but to no avail…

9 months ago

We work around this by clicking on the tax, shipping and discount cog when working on an invoice. When that box opens slide across the 2nd tax to activate it. We have named the 2nd tax as ‘payable on completion’. I have customers pay a 10% deposit so I make the 2nd tax 90% then tick the ‘Deductible (Second Tax)’ and if you vat registered then tick the tax button too. This then creates an invoice for 10% of the invoice value and tells customers the remaining 90% is payable on completion. It’s quite easy but it would be so much easier if there was a button to click for deposits with the option for either a value or percentage

9 months ago

Firdt time i could take deposits and when I was swiping left can record a payment and right now i didn’t have this options

3 months ago

Possible to use 2 accounts for 2 businesses ?

13 days ago