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Easily Switch Accounts#42

I own multiple businesses and switch between two different Google accounts frequently. Right now I have to logout then wait, then select login, click login with Google, then select the other account. Finally, close the tutorial window that always pops up and then I can function in the other account. Please implement a quick account switch.

Michael Woolheater

2 years ago

This would be a great feature. Would like to manage both my businesses separately in two different accounts.

Drew Masaro

7 months ago

Ótima é extremamente necessária a sugestão de controlar duas contas pois tenho mais de uma empresa.

6 months ago
Merged Multiple companies - Single User support#18
5 months ago

I also would love that feature. I have 2 separate bookipi accounts. I constantly toggle between the two & it’s an annoyance to have to log out of one & then log in to the other & then back & forth.

4 months ago