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Better Photos / Attachments#47


Currently pictures are small, not resizable, and low resolution. I would like photos to be larger, possibly even adjustable in size; or attachable as separate files. Being able to attach other files to the invoice, such as PDFs, Docs, Sheets, etc would also be useful.

2 years ago

Totally agree!

10 months ago

Above sounds great but also display multi photos in a grid appearance. Eg instead of the current photos being in the middle of the page and on top of each other. They can be displayed by 2 a row or 3 a row

9 months ago

The logo image resolution is very low after it has been uploaded.
Please let something be done about this.
I want the logo image resolution to maintain a high quality after it has been uploaded.
Thank you.

8 months ago
Merged ATTACH PDF or Pictures#161
8 months ago
Merged Picture as attach#286
8 months ago

Please provide the option to upload product images at once, which can be used everyime. Everytime uploading the images for the same product is very time consuming and irritating.

3 months ago