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Better Photos / Attachments#47


Currently pictures are small, not resizable, and low resolution. I would like photos to be larger, possibly even adjustable in size; or attachable as separate files. Being able to attach other files to the invoice, such as PDFs, Docs, Sheets, etc would also be useful.

a year ago

Totally agree!

3 months ago

Above sounds great but also display multi photos in a grid appearance. Eg instead of the current photos being in the middle of the page and on top of each other. They can be displayed by 2 a row or 3 a row

2 months ago

The logo image resolution is very low after it has been uploaded.
Please let something be done about this.
I want the logo image resolution to maintain a high quality after it has been uploaded.
Thank you.

2 months ago
Merged ATTACH PDF or Pictures#161
a month ago
Merged Picture as attach#286
a month ago