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Import Product Catalog/Price List from CSV#79

It is rather tedious and time consuming to add items one by one or to create them when making a new invoice or estimate and saving to the library. It would be extremely helpful to make it possible to import a .csv file with the entire list at once. This is available on many other platforms.

a year ago

yes. i will like to have this function in the app too.

9 months ago
Merged Udadate item list with Excel sheet or csv format#84
8 months ago

Oh never saw that other requested this feature and I open a new tab

7 months ago

Muy necesario por favor

4 months ago

Es vital

4 months ago

Yes importing and exporting Products and Customer is must for a modern day App.
Further more if anyone is thinking to migrate from other software they will be reluctant to add one by one

2 months ago
Merged Import items and prices IMPORTACION MASIVA DE CONCEPTOS#446
5 days ago
Merged Add items by importing a spreadsheet#626
5 days ago